Sexy Pixy Seraphine for Streamate TV

Lucky us, we got to spend a few moments interviewing the lovely Seraphine and we’re happy to our exclusive chat with this Streamate TV girl.

Full Original Interview with Seraphine for Streamate TV Backstage

My name is Seraphine, I am 20 years old and I am from the Pacific Northwest.

No, [not from here] I was actually born on the central coast of California, Mira Atascadero and then I moved out here when I was a little bit older.

It was actually my parents, my parents decided to move here when I was 8 years old and then I lived on an island for a good part of my life and now I live in the city.

Currently I’m doing a lot of modeling and I also work as a Make Up Artist.

I do, I actually, I’m teaching people about makeup, I teach people how to put on makeup and then I help to sell makeup.

I also make coffee a lot, I’m only doing it part time but I love being a Barista.

I really like to paint and I love to sing [We’d love to hear it]

Oh my goodness (giggles) what would you like to hear?

(singing) You don’t know, what’s in store, what you know, what you’re here for, close your eyes, lay yourself beside me, hold tight, for this ride, we don’t need, no protection, come alone, we don’t need attention (big smile). [ Thanks Seraphine we loved it ].

And I love my dog Branson, he’s probably my pride and joy, he’s an American Bulldog.

When I got him he was around 65 lbs and now he’s 90 lbs so he weights just about as much as I do, and he comes with me everywhere.


I just, I love physical activity, I love being outdoors, I love being in nature so I love hiking, I love running, especially trail running, it’s a really great activity if you do have a dog so you can do it together.

I love being outdoors, I love, love, love painting, it’s very relaxing for me, maybe with a nice little mug of tea, and I love singing, it’s always been a passion of mine since I was little.

I’ve been modeling, well actually I have a dance background so I’ve been doing dance, competitive dance as well as competitive gymnastics. I did that all through my childhood and highschool, and my gymnastics coach was actually the one who told me, she thought I had a great form, really good posing and she suggested that I go into modeling and I did my first shoot when I was seventeen, my first professional shoot and I continued to do it off and on until I was about nineteen then I started doing it on a regular basis.

I loved it today, everyone was really warm and friendly on set, you guys took really good care of me, and it was just a fun atmosphere. We did a lot of cool stuff, a lot of cool angles; I saw a lot of equipment I have not seen before which was fun, it’s just cool to learn new things.

It was a good experience, thank you for making it so easy for me.

Hi, my name is Seraphine and this is Streamate TV Backstage.