Super Hot Streamate TV Bacstage Interview with Heart Breaker Havanna Say

Hello (giggles)

My name is Havanna Say (waves)

I’m twenty years old, no lies here, I am from Portland, Oregon

Experimenting and trying out the lifestyle up here, cool people. Modeling gigs are a little bit different up here than they are in Portland, I wanted to get some experience so.

I actually clean houses for a living, which awesome because I’m a really organized person, bust my ass let me tell you. My life is pretty crazy.

I’m also an artist and an aspiring tattoo artist.

Yes my favorite is actually charcoal, I’m in the middle of a project right now. I wish I could show you some stuff, but.. I paint acrylic, watercolor, I’ve not tried oil yet. Colored pencil. Charcoal.

I want to tattoo, I’m going to apprentice with my dad and then I will be a tattoo artist.

Yes I’m really passionate about snowboarding, and I hope to have a side, part time job selling snowboard equipment. And maybe getting a job on the mountain someday. But I’m really into retail and being able to help people out with the type of snowboard that they need for the type of style that they want.

My dad and my mom made me snowboard as soon as I could walk. Took me to the top of the mountain and told me to go down.

I’ve been also modeling since I could walk. My mom used to put tape and make me do the model walk and I would just do it for hours for fun, it was awesome.

I’ve been doing photo shoots for a while, but I stopped there because I got braces, and I stopped modeling. I didn’t even need braces but I got them for Christmas so it’s pretty cool.

Instagram you can find me @havannahsay┬áit’s that easy, if you can figure out how to spell it you can look at it.

H-A-V-A-N-N-A-H Say no spaces.

I plan to have a website and an actual shop for my art and tattoos and maybe some other crazy stuff. I’ve made up a name that I want to go by like Sacred Sadi is pretty cool but it’s not up yet.

Hi, my name is Havanna Say and this is Streamate TV Backstage.