Ravishing Redhead Blaire will Blow You Away with her Streamate TV Backstage Interview

My name is Blaire and I’m a professional model, among other things.

I am a Barber, so I run a Barber Shop and I create shoot spaces and lease I rent creative space out and I manage a Photography Studio.

I had my chai tea, I had the President’s of the United States of America on CD and I had my heated seats on so I was pretty happy.

I go all over the country, I’ve been to, let’s see I most recently went to San Francisco, Toledo, Vancouver Canada, I went to Kalamazoo, L.A., Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and London and New York are coming up.

A billion hobbies, I play guitar and ukulele and banjo and theremin and sing. I make soap and shampoos and I sew. I have a dog that I love. I like to study dog training. I love board games so I play those a lot, I like yard games and sports and I love to swim and go to the river. I ride horses sometimes. I like to make things. I make cleaning materials, I make murals. I have a billion hobbies because I can’t seem to be satisfied with doing one thing.

I have been modeling on and off since I was about sixteen and I’m twenty-eight now.