Adorable Andrea

Andrea is the adorable red head in the Streamate TV commercials. She’s cute and fun and quirky and she was a joy to have in the studio. We got some great shots and had fun with her. She is an artist herself and really enjoys drawing and photography and enjoys receiving the beautiful photos after a shoot. Check out her full interview with our crew.

Exclusive Interview with Beautiful Andrea for Streamate TV Backstage

Hi, my name is Andrea (giggles) ok, well I’m 18 years old, I’ve been modeling for a year now.

My cat’s name is Bubba, (laughs) he’s all black and I’m having a good time today.

I love drawing, writing and I’ve dove into photography myself every once in a while, I think it’s a great hobby to have.

(chuckles) I’m so bad with sports, I used to play basketball in like fifth grade and not since, just working out, but nothing professional for sports.

Yeah, it’s been a great experience, really fun, meet a lot of cool people, you get a lot of awesome pictures back so that’s always a plus.

How was it today? It was awesome (two thumbs up) yeah I got cheese and crackers it was pretty good.

Yeah I have a modeling page on Facebook under Andrea Parlette and I also have an Instagram, which my name is @strawberrybutternut so don’t look to much into that, but yeah and I’m also on Model Mayhem for work.

Um, honestly I wanted it to be strawberry and it was taken and there was a stick of butter and I was like strawberrybutter which was taken so I was like I’ll just add it all together. There’s no really interesting story behind it I just kind of put words together and it wasn’t taken so… that’s the story of that.

Hi, my name is Andrea and this is Streamate TV Backstage.