The Streamate TV commercial featuring Leenah was a smash hit. She is a 10 and there is no denying it. She’s got an unreal body, beautiful large brown eyes and a beautiful face. She is an experienced model who is not shy in front of the camera. She was a blast to have on set because we actually had a  unique shoot that day needing to capture all kinds of extra photos and shots for various promotional projects.

We had props and costumes and she was an incredible sport. These photos turned out amazing, her stunning beauty was shining through the camera in every photo. We even had a cute outfit with her in an apron for a promotional piece and the results were stunning. You may get a sneak peak at some of these excellent photos on our Instagram and Facebook. If you’re a fan don’t forget to double tap and send us some likes so we know which models to feature.

Leena is super fit and that makes her a down right babe. There’s no denying it she’s got a body that is absolutely stunning and really unique. She’s got an hour glass figure, with tight abs and long legs. She’s also very busty which makes her quite the eye catcher. She’s got dyed auburn hair with highlights that suits her cute face and sexy smile.

She rolled around on the bed sending flirty looks, posed with all of the props and costumes with the utmost grace. She was even funny and a blast to have on set. Leenah was an excellent model to have in the commercials and we highly recommend checking out her model page and all of her smoking hot photos.