Streamate TV Backstage With Janelle Wilde

Get up close and personal with Janelle in her backstage interview where she shares all kinds of personal information including her social media accounts so don’t forget to like and follow her.


Full Length Interview with Streamate TV Backstage

I’m Janelle Wilde, what else do you want me to say? (Cute giggles)

Hi, I’m Janelle Wilde and this is Streamate TV Backstage.

I am a 19 year old model based in Seattle, Washington, for the most part. I travel around a little bit.

I’ve been modeling for about a year, a little over a year.

I actually have family in the modeling business, and a friend or two in the modeling business so I’ve always been kind of intrigued by modeling, now I’m here, long story short.

I love the freedom of having my own schedule, and being able to organize things when I want to do them, which is awesome.

I get to work with really awesome talented people and build portfolios, my own portfolio as well as other peoples’ portfolios and it’s a lot of fun.

I am a radio DJ, I go to school which is sometimes fun, I am a communications major as well as a graphic design minor.

I am both a country girl and a city girl at the same time, I was raised in both places, I’ve moved around a lot. I’ve lived in Utah, Washington, England, Florida and Missouri in that order, so that’s always fun, shout out to all my friends in all those places.

So much fun, I’d love to be invited back here, and do some more work here, and you should check out this website ( that I’m shamelessly promoting on my breastices.

I’m a sucker for people who can make me laugh, I’ve been made fun of by my friends for dating really ugly people because they make me laugh, so that’s something.

If you’re a gentlemen I’d say, gentlemen, like open, chivalry is not dead, practice chivalry, I can’t even say chivalry. Practice that, make a girl laugh you got it.

Find me on Instagram @jelabella, I’m an instawhore I want followers!