Classic blonde Courtney shares her story in this exclusive backstage interview.

My name is Courtney and this is StreamateTV Backstage. I have been modeling since I was sixteen probably so for quite a while.

I grew up in Arizona so I was with an agency there. When I was real young I did beauty pageants.

Then, when I turned sixteen, I got with an agency and just started doing a lot of photo shoots and runway.

Then I moved up to Seattle about two years ago and started doing a bunch of modeling here. It is really pretty here so there are lots of spots to do good shoots.

I just like being in front of the camera and just I feel like with every shoot I get a little bit better. It is nice to be able to practice and see myself progressing, so I love seeing the pictures that come out of it; seeing how good I can make myself look and

the photographer can make me look. Just the whole images are really cool to see when it all comes together in the end.

I am going to school actually and then I work part time at a restaurant as a waitress.

I really like film or TV shows like Mad Men and Dexter. I will watch anything. I like literally anything. I like older stuff like classic director Hitchcock. Woody Allen is one of my favorite directors because he is in all of his movies, which is amazing I think.

I like older horror movies. The newer ones are just kind of cheesy and that is not really my thing. That is probably the one thing I won’t watch is the newer horror movies.

I am actually married.

My sister and I got matching bunnies [tattoos]. It is pretty goofy. I have a little one on my ankle and then my hip. I like the little girly ones.

How was the shoot? Good I have never done this video experience shoot before. It was really good everybody was very nice and professional.

I do have an Instagram and I am trying to put all my pretty pictures up there like my modeling pictures and everything. Because I love Instagram that is my main form of self-promotion courtneysta.