Spicy brunette Audrey tells all in her exclusive and sexy backstage interview.

Hi I am Audrey and this is StreamateTV Backstage. I am twenty-four I am in college and I love to travel.

I surf and hike; anything outdoors. I do surf and I love it. I just started doing it so I am still a baby at it, but it is so much fun being out on the water. God, I love being next to the water on the beach and getting that nice glow. It is pretty fun. As many times as I can go I am going to go out and surf. Just being out in the water that is the biggest thing, but it takes a lot of practice; you just don’t learn in one day.

I don’t work right now, but I used to bartend and that was really fun. I am really good at making drinks and getting you drunk. Cocktails, I make really good Rye Old Fashioneds, I make some really good Mai Tai and ginger Margaritas with a little spice; those are pretty fun to make.

I am in fashion I love designing clothes and dressing up women and making them look beautiful. Chanel is one of my favorite designers. She just did so much with so little. And she just became this star and she had nothing, but she is great Chanel is wonderful.

I love food. It doesn’t look like it but I love food.

I’ve done one or two photo shoots with a girlfriend of mine. We did more erotic classy nude shoots they are not porn style shoots more classy elegant shoots that I have done with her and they have all been great.

I’ve never really gone into it because I am shy in front of a camera. I get nervous sometimes in front of a camera especially with hair and make up done and it can be a little scary especially since you don’t know how you look until after it is done, but yeah it is kind of fun. I like it.

It was fun like I said it is different than what I have normally done. There are a lot of people here, but I felt comfortable. Everyone was nice and funny it seems like everyone got along. Which is really important on any set.

It was fun it was a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see the results.

And I have been all over the world and I am going to Chile in November.

I don’t do social media. I have Instagram I just don’t know what it is under. I think I have what it that one with the bird. I do have a twitter account I think it is just my name.